Friday, August 15, 2014

Bachelor Proof Pancakes

You see this stack of golden, fluffy, perfectly symmetrical pancakes?

Look delicious don’t they???

Well that’s because they jolly well are and they are so easy to make that even a bachelor (or bachelorette) could make them in about 5 minutes.

But what is even better than how scrumptious they actually taste, is the fact that there’s not one thing “bad” for you in them. Nope. Not one bloody thing. They are protein pancakes and when I was at my skinniest-most-best-in-shape-self, I ate these almost every morning.

Now take out a pen and pencil and take very detailed notes on how this is all going to go down. Ready? OK…

1 Banana
1 TBLSPOON of Peanut Butter
2 Eggs

Unpeel your banana. Mash it up in a bowl with a fork. Add the 2 eggs. Mix. Add the peanut butter. Mix. It won’t mix in all the way, but don’t worry about it. Get a frying pan really hot on the stove, add some butter (I use coconut oil, but whatev!) and pour about a ¼ cup of batter in the pan. You can try to make them bigger but they just fry up better small. When they bubble up, flip. Repeat until finished. Voila!

Just FYI, these do not taste “banana-y” at all. They just taste like wee pancakes and they’re amazing. TRY THEM or we may not be able to be friends. Just kidding...kinda. 

I ate mine with honey, cinnamon, peaches, and more peanut butter drizzled on top, but you could add raspberry preserves and powdered sugar, or just plain syrup!


xo xo Liz 

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