Saturday, August 16, 2014

Inspiration | Bedroom Decor

So to be perfectly honest with you all, my room is a bit of a mess decoration wise. I kind of have a black and white theme going on, but there are no curtains (Seriously, who does that Liz?!) just ugly blinds. I never quite found the perfect wall decor to complement my slowly growing original art collection from close friends and it just needs some PIZZAZZ!!!! You know what I mean?

Until this afternoon, that is.

I was looking online, searching for inspiration and I figured out what I am going to do! I have wrangled, begged, and pleaded until Adrian agreed to paint me a big old canvas that will serve as a headboard (not really, she offered and I jumped), bright splashes of pink, gold, and blue to warm up the coldness of the white. I'm going to pile my bed fun pillows and scatter candles everywhere.

I LOVE mirrored jewelry trays and this one is beautiful. There’s something so pretty about your favorite pieces reflecting back up at you when you go to accessorize in the morning. And how cool is the branch hat stand??? OBSESSED!!!

Wall Art


But the very best part are these fake taxidermy pieces!!! How great are these?! Like I mentioned, I’m a little obsessed with gold right now, so I’m leaning towards getting the gold steer head in the middle, but the rhino is adorable too! Click on the links above to shop.

Oh, and by the way....I finally found the Buckaroo Barbie Instagram info and it is up and running again!!! So sorry it was down for so long, but Adrian and I will be posting regularly there now. To avoid any confusion because user names have changed a few times (Oops!!) here they all are!!

The blog's Instagram is @buckaroobarbieofficial
Liz's Instagram is @elizabethbrannan.
Adrian's Instagram is @buckaroogirlofficial.

xo xo Liz

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