Thursday, August 14, 2014

Always Wear Your Invisible Crown

Hello dolls!

As sisters, we both receive a lot of mail and messages over social media.
Most of these letters are awesome, and we love getting to share them with each other and giggle and “Awww!” over our wonderful followers.

Sometimes however, there are THOSE messages.

The ones from guys.

Guys you don’t know, have never met, and don’t particularly have an interest in carrying on hours and hours of meaningless conversation with over some website chat app.

Most of the time, they are from older (You know the type) guys who write things like “hey beautiful” “hi” “hello” “How are you” You r hot” and such elegant soliloquies along those lines.

When you don’t write these characters back, they become angry, upset or depressed. If they do not grow angry and call you every word for b*tch under the sun, they will try to place a guilt trip of why you’re a bad person for refusing to talk to them and why their happiness COMPLETELY depends on you writing them back a Facebook message.

Well Buckaroo Barbie has a video to try and help you deal with these kinds of situations! We believe women need to stick together, and since we’ve had so much experience in this particular area (although we wish we didn’t!), we thought we would share some of our hints and ideas for how to help you through it!

Take 5 minutes out of your busy day...enjoy...and remember that if you ever need help or just a friendly chat about some Buckaroo Barbie troubles, zip us off a message and we will be there…and remember...always wear your invisible crown! 

If you have troubles viewing the video in this post just click this link, it'll take you right to the video! 

xo xo Liz & Adrian


  1. Good advice. That block feature works great.

    1. hahaha So true Lynda!! Adrian is starting to use it more now!! ;)