Friday, October 11, 2013

Here's To The Freaking Weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? I am planning on...well, having no plans at all. Except maybe to go climbing if I feel well enough (Adrian is trying to give me her cold) and maybe sneak some fishing in....oh and maybe my homework. And re-watching Thor for the thousandth time. And definitely some squats.

Whatever YOUR weekend includes, I hope it involves some sort of an adventure; be it roping, riding, running, climbing or diving! For you folks not on the coast, it is lobster season here. 

Here are some links from around the webasphere for you. Cheers!

Do any of you have the GoPro camera? I want one to the point of is waterproof, takes high quality videos AND can even mount it on your head! Need I go on? And just think how handy it would be during branding season.....

Even though this is written by a bourbon lover and I prefer scotch....THIS is a great little snippet on how to properly appreciate whiskey. Worth a read.

I love Topaz Page-Green's view on beauty (it comes from within), found in this interview on Into The Gloss.

An old post from Buckaroo Barbie that is hysterical....Life Lessons Learned from John Wayne.

A intellectual high-five for the Stay-At-Home-Mom. Bam. Love that it came from the dad. Bam.

xo xo Liz 

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