Thursday, October 10, 2013

How To Be A Badass

Be yourself. Wholly, completely and unapologetically YOU. Don’t be the version of you that your aunt thinks you should be, or even the you that you think you should be.

Be the girl inside who is struggling to be let out. Be the girl who doesn’t like to brush her hair in the mornings, who drinks coffee with way too much sugar in it and be the girl who feels things deeply.

Being the real you doesn’t mean letting the less than desirable traits in your character slide because “That’s just the way I am. That’s me.” It is not a free pass to say hurtful or rude things to people because you’re “outspoken,” or go without properly saying “hi” to people because you’re “shy.”

 Be you even if people will judge you. Be you even if you lose some friends or followers.

We all watch each other way more than is humanely normal thanks to the interweb these days. I can follow that man in Norway who kayaks on Instagram, keep up with my friend in Canada that I haven’t seen in 10 years and know exactly how that girl in Kansas is feeling right now, even though we’ve never met. I love it! But it does lead us to living a life that is heavily scrutinized 24/7 by people who may or may not matter to us personally. We present a version of ourselves to the world that we want them to see. We edit, clean up and re-shade ourselves into a pleasing, tidy package that we think will bring us the most acceptance from the world.

Let’s cut through the false advertising and get to know ourselves a little better. Do you really know you? Or have you been promoting the fake you for so long that you feel like the girl inside is a stranger? Get to know her!! Make her your best friend!! Spend quality time with yourself. Shush the voices from the world telling you that you need to be a certain way, and listen to the secrets that the real you has to offer.

Be brave enough to love yourself for the you that doesn’t like to get on colts for the first time, even if the girl you look up to lives for it. Be the you that looks forward to hunting season, even if your friends don’t understand. Be the you that loves homework and takes pride in good grades, even if you’re called a nerd.

Be a badass. Be the original you, not a copy of what you think looks good to the rest of the world. 

Just…be you.

xo xo Liz


  1. Some solid advice that should be shared with all women.

    It's always nice to pop in and find posts like this one; it's so important for us to remember to be true to ourselves. Promoting and tirelessly trying to measure up to a "false you" will end in heartbreak or insecurity, and I think it's so much more freeing to have flaws, always have goals to attain and share honest experiences. Thanks for the food for thought and inspiration, Liz :)


    1. Aw, thank you Jessy! I always look forward to your comments, you always have something pithy to add and make me think about! :)

  2. Good inspiration! Encouraging, thank you.

  3. Another fabulous re-readable post! I go back and forth between greatly caring and not caring what people think of me. I've also worked really hard the last 3 years to be Me again. I allowed people to change me and I won't do that again. Unless it's for the better of course :)

    1. Amanda, I do too!! I go back and forth to thinking I could really give a rats arse and caring very much!! Thanks for reading, hugs!!! :)

  4. I have enjoyed so many of your posts but this one will DEFINITELY be put at the top of my bookmark list. This is so inspiring and so thought-provoking its really incredible. Its a problem that I feel MANY girls face especially in today's society. Its something we all need to constantly remember and think about...not just apply it for a little while and then revert back to the mainstream stereotypes. Thanks for this awesome insight!!