Thursday, November 1, 2012

Topsy Turvy Rotten Thursday Morning

This is how I'm feeling this morning!! I literally feel like a cup of coffee from the amount of caffeine I consumed on our trip home last night, and now I need MORE! Hope you all are having a great Thursday morning and not freaking out from a candy overdose from Halloween!

I am having a FRUSTRATING morning today and I just keep telling myself with each bump that comes up, live each moment on purpose and as if you mean it! The ups and downs are a growing process and as long as I can remember that it doesn't matter what happens, it's how I respond that matters, I'll be on my way to challenging myself and growing as a person.

So take the rotten, the obnoxious and the freaking irritating mishaps that happen in your life today, and thank them, cuz they're rounding off our rough edges girls!

I raise my coffee cup to you and the women we are becoming!
xo xo Liz