Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I Want It All

I Want It All. Not Even Kidding.
I want it all. Greedily, selfishly, hopelessly, romantically, I want it all.
Don’t you? You may be thinking, what in the HECK is she talking about now? But just respond instinctively….bear with me, ok?

Find Your Passion
Don’t you desire everything you want? The nameless, shapeless wants that are just a flashing picture and maybe a sound that reverberates deep within your bones…that ache that lets you know you’re alive and capable of dreams, of ambition and achieving it all? Well it happens to me, and if you don’t have those wants then you should start looking until you find something that ignites within you that passion.

I believe each one of us is given a specific talent or gift. What a shame to not squeeze every last DROP out of that talent that we can and turn ourselves into the most dazzling, the very best version of us that we can be.

In order to achieve those wants, I believe we have to make specific plans….and then work our asses off!

How To Get What You Want
What are you doing, thinking and planning this fall that is different than years past? A month can seem light years away to me, and then I look up and two years have gone by and my lifestyle and habits are stuck in the same rut as they were before.

My fix for this is two part: clearly defined goals and calling myself, even if I only whisper, by the name of what I want to be one day.  

The First Part
Goals are just stepping-stones to making your dreams come true and because of this, goals are incredibly important to me, as they should be to you.
If you have a vague idea of the type of person you hope to be some day and dream about the far flung fancies you might accomplish, but you have no goals, you’ll waste an awful lot of time and energy flaffing about and not getting much done.

*Flaffing….from the Greek meaning “to waste time”. Flaffing is directly related to the word “floundering” in meaning.

If you don’t have clearly defined goals, my advice to you would be, get your rear in gear sister and write out everything you can think of that you hope to accomplish in life. By everything, I mean everything. Emotional characteristics, physical attributes, business hopes, recreational outlets, financial goals….write everything down. For example, your list might look something like this at first:

·      I want to be able to do a handstand
·      I want to have a zillion dollars in savings
·      I want to loose 5lbs
·      I want to give “x” amount of money to (whatever cause/charity)
·      I want to be able to leap tall buildings in a single bound and rule the world

Hahaha just checking to see if you were paying attention!!! But seriously, once you have all the random things that you want to accomplish one day, it’s time to organize them into sections. I have mine organized into Financial, Spiritual, Career/Personal, Health and Physical sections.

After everything is organized according to category, I make monthly goals that will bring me closer to all the main goals up on top. At the end of each month I update my monthly goals. My goals for October looked like this:

Liz’s October Short Term Goals, 2012
·      Put away $200 dollars in saving account for emergency fund goal of $1000 by the end of December.
·      Start running again 2 or 3 times a week. Build up to ride bike for an hour at a time.
·      Maintain study habits that will get you an A in class. Read more of textbook every day.
·      Keep working on pushups! Goal of 30 at a time by the end of the month!
·      Learn last two songs in Suzuki piano book
·      Read Adobe (five pages every night) and work on it by yourself until you can afford lesson.
·      Shoot twice a week.
·      Start meditating for five minutes in the morning.
·      Write grandparents letters 3 or 4 times this month.
·      Wear sunscreen every day!!!!
·      Becoming educated is the goal! Keep working and continuously push yourself!
Tonight I’ll go through everything, reevaluate where I am and make new goals for the month of November so that I’m continuously growing and pushing myself. Yours of course will look different and everyone has different things that they’re focused on or that mean more to them at different times in their life. The important thing is to at least WRITE THEM DOWN. In high school I had my goals written out on a sheet of paper that was taped my closet door where I could see it and read over my goals every day. Now days I’m on my computer all the time for school and writing, so I have a folder titled “Goals” and I keep them in a word document. I read them over at least once every day and seeing how my goals have evolved through the months inspires me to try harder.

The Second Part
The second part, and what I believe goes hand in hand with goals, is to start calling yourself by the name of what you want to be. If you do that, you can’t help but start acting and thinking like it.
For example, I want to be a runner. I hope to run at least 15 miles a week one day and one day I want to run a marathon. My “run” at the moment is actually better described as a fast jog. So far, I can run 2 miles at a time and I run about 4 times a week and uh… it’s not pretty. But I believe that calling myself a runner will help me get into the mindset of a runner. If I take myself seriously, how can I not succeed? And if you take yourself seriously, other people around you don’t have any option but to take you seriously as well.

So if you want to be an actress, you should think of yourself as an actress and call yourself an actress, even if you only whisper it while you’re washing your hair in the shower. If you want to be an incredible cook but you’re only capable of boiling water, start thinking of yourself as a cook! Use the term over and over and see what happens. Bet you start acting, thinking and cooking like a cook!

Putting It All Together
So go ahead…get greedy (In the good sense! Not the materialistic sense!), and want it all. You have the tools and skills to make your, hopes, dreams, wants and desires come true. Maybe the dream you have, floating around in the back of your mind scares you because you COULD accomplish it. And if you’re capable of achieving that goal, what’s to stop you from achieving anything you set your mind to? There is safety in the known, the ordinary and sometimes that holds us back, keeps us from going after the unknown and the frightening. And the thought of us being extraordinary can be a little terrifying.

Find your passion.
Listen to your desires.
Make your goals.
Think of yourself as that person.
Conquer the world.

Go get ‘em tiger.

xo xo Liz


  1. This is a wonderful post! You are so inspiring to me! It really got me thinking about taking my dreams more seriously and making reachable goals to accomplish them. Thank you for giving me little bits of inspiration each day!

  2. Erin, thank you SO MUCH for taking the time out to tell me! I am so glad you are taking your dreams seriously, I sincerely believe that once we do, we are pretty much capable of achieving anything we set our minds to....good luck! :)

  3. This is a great one, and I never saw it! First off, I think it's amazing you run. I Hate running. Totally despise it really. But I can't really run due to my off tracking knees. How convenient huh?! So good for you doll!!! Goals, I'm a horrible goal setter. I can think about them, but rarely write them down, and even rarer, actively work towards them. My life is more of one day at a time. And my 2 biggest goals right now are 1. to graduate and 2. to save enough money for a custom 3B saddle :) I hope to be able to get 2 when I get 1. But I'm going to try to be more goal oriented, I think it makes for a more organized and forward moving life.

  4. Running is more mental for me....sometimes I hate it and sometimes I love it, but when I get to the end of my run I'm always glad I went. A has something wrong with her knees too, so she hates to run, hurts too much, I wonder if she has the same thing you do?! I totally understand the making it through life one day at a time; I've gone through 2 periods of that for long periods of time and it's tough!! I hope you write them down because there's just something about seeing them concretely like that on paper that makes them so achievable! I so completely, whole heartedly believe in getting an education, so good for you! That's one of my goals as well, I know we can do it! And the saddle....such a good motivator! ;)