Monday, September 3, 2012

A Note To Myself

This is what you shall do:
You will not seek the approval of others. You will faithfully, tenderly and with a sense of awe, cultivate the gifts your God has given to you. You will seek beauty in all things. You will maintain a gentle and loving spirit. The world and its people will hurt you. You will be hurt again. You will allow it and you will not build up walls around your heart. You will challenge yourself. You will make mistakes and you will be thankful for them because they will let you know you are not stagnant, you are learning and moving forward. You will stand by what you believe. You will not allow yourself to become calloused to the simple beauty of the world around you. You will always have time for the stories of both the very young and the very old. You will apply the knowledge of those wiser and more experienced. You will do that which frightens you. You will go 100 miles an hour around the crazy hairpin turns of your topsy-turvy life and you will enjoy every minute of it. You will be just you.

I wrote this out the other evening as a note to myself and thought you all might be inspired to write out your own version.

xo xo Liz


  1. If you can learn all these lessons while you are so young you will be so far ahead of this thing called life...

  2. I took your advice and wrote my own version of your note. I hope I gave the credit you deserve. I love reading what you have to say. It is inspiring and helps me get through the tough days, and I always look forward to reading what you have to say next!