Wednesday, September 5, 2012

True Blue

Real people inspire me. People who are unapologetically themselves, who live life completely on purpose and aren’t afraid to pursue the things they have a passion for, whether it’s a popular passion or not.

Recently I’ve come into contact with some people who are wonderfully, unconsciously, unabashedly themselves and it reminded me how important it is to cater to the you that is really and truly you. Not the person that you’ve maybe slipped carelessly into, but the deep down inside You.

Do you remember when you were a kid and you didn’t take into account how you would look to other people when you were up to your elbows with something you loved? You probably didn’t give a second to thinking about if someone approved or if it was “cool” or not, you just did it because it made your heart smile.

If there were more of us that were willing to say to heck with what anyone thinks and just lived and loved and pursued things that made the real, deep down inside us, US, I think there would be more happier people in the world. And there is probably a whole lot of untapped talent in the world as well, because if people’s friends or family or the judgment of society is holding someone back from going after something, that person’s particular skill is just sitting there and gathering dust. And I firmly believe that we all have a talent that is unique to us.

What is it that makes you, YOU? Are you secretly obsessed with Civil War re-enactments but are hesitant about getting involved because of what people will think of you? Forget them and throw yourself into it! Do you think learning about gun engraving is the coolest thing since sliced bread? Learn all there is to know about gun engraving! If timed events just aren’t your thang, but you’re nervous to get involved in reata ropings and judged events….don’t be!! Seriously, who cares what anyone thinks? If they judge you on doing something you love then they probably aren’t the type of people you should be hanging out with anyway.

Be the person who you really are deep down inside and pursue what you love. Forget what’s hip and what’s in style at the moment, (Give it 5 minutes and it’ll change anyway), and just be you. And I’m talking about the cowboy world too. We can be the snootiest, looking down our noses group of folks and the cowboy world definitely goes through trends that are lauded one minute and then despised the next. So chuck the trends out the proverbial window and focus on just being you. You’ll feel better, I promise. J

xo xo Liz 


  1. Yes! Beautifully said!

  2. I love these reminders, Liz!

    I am still coming to terms with throwing myself into the things I'm passionate about and living for myself (I feel selfish sitting myself down and saying 'I am doing this for ME and to heck with what others may think...') I think I'm still hesitant to frustrate people by doing things I might not be amazing at, but love.

    I guess at the end of the day, our lives and choices are our own. It seems like a simple concept, but it's taken me 24 years so far to try and tackle it!

  3. Dead on!!! Yay for you! Love to read your posts:)

  4. Totally makes my day to read your blog! I can run on it for days at a time!! Thanks for fueling me with motivation Liz!!

  5. Wow, a lot of wisdom for a gal your age! It took me 50 years to finally do what I love to do and not care what anybody else thought. Good on you girl!-Sage