Saturday, September 1, 2012


I have, as you may have noticed, been avoiding you all lately.

As in, doing ANYTHING besides posting or writing.  But of course, in the absence of the daily ritual of setting pen to paper, my need to do just that has built up until it is now overwhelming, and so here I am. With my tail between my legs, asking for your forgiveness and determining to start over again, fresh and new.

The last few weeks have felt like anything that could sadden or hurt me or my family, has been happening. One right after the other and to be perfectly honest with you all, I’ve been ANGRY. No not angry, pissed, in a decidedly unladylike way. I would start to think about something that had happened, either to me or someone I loved, and it felt like clamps were closing around my heart, I’d start shaking and a couple times I was just so angry I CRIED, and that just made me even more mad!! I hate it when I cry! And while a little anger can be healthy in some circumstances, I was above and beyond that point. And I didn’t really want to infect you all with it. Hence, the avoiding.

OK, so now that is off my chest, we can be friends again.

But honestly, does that ever happen to you? You sink into a mood so deep and strong that you begin to feel as if you will never recover from it? My grandfather calls it being in a funk. Thankfully, the times like those you are presented with the opportunity to learn a little about yourself. You discover what is and isn’t important to you and you make decisions about what you will and will not allow to upset and affect you. I’ve discovered mine and I think I’m actually invigorated. I’ve been able to examine and see where I should have been mad and where I shouldn’t have. I all of a sudden have more energy, ready to take on any task and tackle the world once again. You know how it feels and smells when there’s been a spring rain and it just seems like the world got its face washed? That’s what I feel like and it feels good.  

This weekend is the last hurrah of summer, I hope you use it as a metaphorical means to throw off the blues (or in my case the mean reds!) or whatever it is that may be dogging you…
We all of us need time occasionally to just recharge our batteries, indulge in a few frowns and maybe drink a gin and tonic or two.

Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

xo xo Liz 

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  1. I just wrote a comment and it seems that my old-fashioned browser is not cooperating.

    To summarize: We all feel like this - I just made one of these posts the other day (admittedly censoring the honesty part - good for you for being upfront about your funk.)

    While it's never the wisest thing to overindulge in a particularly good cranky mood/pity party, I do believe that we are given this amazing range of emotion so we can feel them ALL.

    Happy belated Labor Day :)