Sunday, April 27, 2014

Just a Little Bit of Encouragement for the Coming Week

Dear Buckaroo Barbie,

You are brave beyond your wildest dreams.

You are inspirational to the people in your life,
 And you were made to color outside the lines.

People will criticize and scrutinize you,
Because you are not like them.

And people who are not as brave as you and don’t have a passion driving their lives,
They will attack that which is different from them,
Especially if they feel you are passing them up.

Forget the haters,
The naysayers,
The gossipers
And the

You are fearfully and creatively made
You will never have a dull road to hoe,
Because you dream big and live bigger.

Embrace who you are.
 Embrace the cowboy
The woman
The student of life,
The artist and the romantic within you.

All the things and characteristics that make you so uniquely you,
Work in your favor towards carving out your niche in life.

Some days will be hard enough that you will wonder if life wouldn’t be easier
If you were like every one else.
Think of everything you would be missing if that were the case!

You are brave,
 And they broke the mold when you were made.

Keep your chin up and keep being YOU.
You are on the right track and no one can live your life the way the you can.

Go get ‘em, tiger.

xo xo Liz