Friday, April 25, 2014

Spring Fashion Wish List

Spring Fashion Wish List

My fashion sense varies wildly. Almost like a squirrel on crack cocaine. I either wear my straight-legged jeans that I work in with a hoodie and a pair of wallabies, or leather pants and designer heels. There hasn’t been much in-between.

 I am completely unimaginative when it comes to putting together cute, cowgirl-esque style town clothes. And I have decided that I’m just going to stop it.

For years now Georgia Black has been my secret fashion goddess that I look up to. When I go to get dressed up, I stare dejectedly into my closet and mutter, “What would Georgia wear?” Thus far, my closet has never answered me back.

Thanks to Instagram it’s easy to get outfit ideas from fashion-savvy cowboygirls like Chelsea Barney, Jess Childress, and Andrea Glenn of The Rusty Rose (@chelsearoseb, @jesschildress1984 and @andreaglenn84 respectively!) and I now feel like I have enough confidence guidance to branch out a little.

So. I have decided to give myself a makeover. Yup, you heard me! A makeover. And if I fail miserably, I'm just gonna go begging and crying to one of the above mentioned fashion-goddess-gurus and beg until they take pity on me and help me out. It's a good plan, no? hahaha Just kidding girls!! 

This is my wish list for my new spring wardrobe. What’s your HAVE-TO-HAVE fashion wish list?? I’d love to hear what your ideas are!! 

xo xo Liz 

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