Sunday, April 22, 2012

Cheers To You and Yours

I hope this coming week is full to the brim with excitement, laughter and the fruition of Buckaroo Barbie dreams. I hope you sweat and cry with exertion and push yourself to the limit and then just a little bit further. I hope you feel the satisfaction and quiet contentment that comes from knowing you have given your all to making your hopes and dreams a reality. I hope that you spend some time figuring out just exactly what kind of woman you want to be, what you hope your life will look like at the end of it all. I hope you take time with your horses and children. I hope you know that you are beautiful. I hope you know this world is exciting and full of knowledge waiting to be learned if we just apply ourselves. I hope you wake up to see the sunrise, it makes for a good day. I hope you know you will hit lows and have to climb mountains one painful step at a time, but that we will be here to push and pull you to the top. I hope your coming week is full of sun and silver and breakfast with family and hard work and triumphs and mostly I hope you become an even better version of the Buckaroo Barbie you were last week.

Here's to an amazing week Dolls,

xo xo Liz