Friday, April 20, 2012

Can't Clip My Wings, Baby

I am a firm believer in the power of goal setting and positive thinking. It sounds like a cliché but it’s true! With enough hard work, determination and clearly defined goals I feel that you can achieve anything.

I was a little surprised the other day when I realized that I hadn’t made specific goals that I wanted to achieve with my horsemanship and roping since I got Lyme Diseased and became a college student cowboy-girl. For those of you that don’t know, I used to have the job of my dreams in Elko County, Nevada working on a ranch in Tuscarora. I got Lyme disease though and became so sick I almost died, had to quit and move to be with my parents here in Northern California. Today, I’m much better but I have a tendency to get impatient with my body and my limitations and just want things to go back to the way they used to be.  I thought that as I got better I would just automatically go back to doing all the things I used to, all at once.

I used to start a bunch of weanlings, yearlings and 2 year olds all at once…why not now?
I used to work all day and then come in and braid…why not now?
I used to be able to rope and work the ground and rope and work the ground at brandings...why not now?
My roping skill used to be at a certain level…why not now?
My balance used to be so good…why not now?
I didn’t used to get nervous about how I measured up to other cowboy’s and what they thought of me before…why now?

I realized that I was jumping into all my old pastimes with both feet and expecting to get the same results that I used to! Talk about setting yourself up for failure! Truth be told, I am sad that I got sick and had to quit my job….BUT it opened up all sorts of new opportunities for me including writing this book, Buckaroo Barbie with Adrian.

I am not in control of my life or the things that happen to me, but I CAN control my response to them and that’s what I’m trying to do. I want to be the best version of me that I can be and become an even better cowboy-girl/horseman than I was before I got sick. Expecting to pick up right where I left off was unrealistic and setting myself up for failure.

Now that I’ve realized my mistake, I’ve been thinking about what I want to achieve and how to get back to the skill level I had before. In order to do that and gain confidence for myself, and my horses, I’ve set smaller, attainable goals that will help me get there.

 ~Instead of expecting my balance and timing to be the same as it was before with my colts, I’m going to concentrate on getting comfortable riding my old horse bareback. And hopefully not falling off like a gunsel, as Kricket and Gussie Keetch say in their blog Boots, Braids and Big Loops.

~Instead of telling myself that I’m going to immediately get back to starting colts again, I’m going to concentrate on getting my old Albert horse back into the 2-rein. And enter some shows. WOO!

~Instead of stressing myself out about roping in ranch rodeos, I’m going to concentrate on roping the dummy and with Adrian around the ranch.

~Instead of going back to braiding for everyone and striving for an unattainable level of perfection, I’m going to take some time to make myself some gear.

Those are just a few of my goals for becoming the best that I can be…what are yours?

At first it really embarrassed and bothered me that I had to relearn the skills that used to feel like second nature to me. But the truth is, I went through physical and emotional changes that have been really challenging! And I’m just going to be thankful for this opportunity to learn more and become better at everything in my life.

I feel like a Marine now, ready to charge the beach! BOO-YA!!!

xo xo Liz


  1. Liz,
    This is a great post and I really appreciate you sharing this! I think we've all had struggles and it’s hard to overcome them -especially when you were used to performing at a certain level. I don't think it will be long before you will be back on top again. If there’s one thing I know about being a girl in a cowboy's/farmers world - is you gotta show Grit and Grace - you my friend have both!

  2. Once again a beautiful and heartfelt post. Amazings things will come your way with your wonderful attitude. Love and many blessings to you!

    Dana Lundy

  3. Liz! I am so glad you shared that! I have to give an inspirational speech to my FFA Chapter (my retiring address) 3 weeks from yesterday and have been looking for someone with a good story that has similar interests with me to write my speech around and have been STRESSING OUT! I haven't started, well I have had a start for about 5 months and decided I didn't like it... I was up late last night trying to find a good story and found nothing and then laid in bed thinking for another hour or so! I'm going to talk about you! If you don't mind? Also, thank you for sharing us in your post :) hehe

  4. Thank you so much you guys! I so appreciate the encouragement, I'm going to need it, everyone gets discouraged occasionally, even Buckaroo Barbies!

    Kricket, I'd be so honored! Really, thank you for thinking about me! :)

    xo xo Liz

  5. That was so heartfelt. And shows what a truly amazing lady you are! Always be thankful for the little things, and the big things will happen. You're young, and have plenty of time to get back to the totally BA buckaroo Barbie you were. Its also a huge step in the right direction that you've realized you're not the same person, those little goals will be obtained before you know it! Keep on keepin on pretty lady, we're all behind you!

  6. You are amazing Ms Liz! You LEAD BY EXAMPLE! Loving all the posts & words of inspiration