Friday, November 11, 2011

Bonds, Broncs, Bread and Braids

Tan hands and sunburnt cheeks
Two pairs of Bonds leaning by the door
Work jeans cuffed, bare feet tiptoeing off the freshly scrubbed floor
It’s shivering cold at night and baby please hold me warm
70’s shag carpets and lights that don’t work
It’s finally learning to shape a shoe just right
It’s the first town job
Coming home late and tired at night
It’s breakfast at 3am
And crying in the shower
It’s new Tip’s saddles and soft
“I ordered this silver for you”
Axe body wash and vanilla spice spray
It’s ham and cheese grilled sandwiches
And branding
And calving
And fighting
And crying
And growing….
It’s life

xo xo Liz