Tuesday, October 25, 2011


Hello Dolls...initially this post was supposed to be a How To Tuesday, seeing that it's Tuesday and all (I know, brilliant, right?) but my subject matter woke up for once before me and so I lost my photo opportunity. Rats...but possibly stay tuned for a redo next week?

Do you ever get little obsessions, a bee in your bonnet and for an intense period of time that's all you can think about? No? Just me? Oh, ok....

Well anywho...here is what's been on my brain lately.....

Clawfoot Tubs

Obviously, I don't need one as big nor as grand as the tub pictured above...but aren't they totally AWESOME?!?! I mean, a gal could really get into her bathing in a tub like this....I have really long legs that don't want to fold into a normal tub in a comfortable manner....but a tub like THIS...I mean come on!! Plus, think of all the other great uses you could use it for....flinging dirty, howling children into it's depths and having them emerge sparkling clean....say your washing machine fritz's out on a Monday morning, this tub could totally handle a load of jeans....you could store lobsters in this magnificent tub while they await their boiling cauldron....wait, I don't eat lobster...anyway, you get the gist of the idea.


I don't care if they're the knitted, soft kind or the folded, jewel encrusted kind....I love headbands. They make everything cuter, my eyes bluer, my butt smaller...no, not really....but I do really like them. :)

Very Sexy Seduction

These are new to Victoria's Secret....limited edition...and they come in three different, lacy color-combo's. I'm not saying that they're amazing, I'm not saying that I may have gotten one last week and I'm DEFINITELY not saying that I may have gotten the teal one. Come hither, my beautiful Buckaroo Barbies, and treat your girls to some loveliness....they'll thank you for it I promise. :)

Skinny Love - Birdy

I really like this girl's version of Skinny Love. So much so that I bought it myself on Itunes. I never buy anything on Itunes unless I have a gift card. I don't have one right now. I clicked on the highly technical button "Buy Anyway". It's on repeat as we speak.

So that's what I'm obsessing over right now, just in case you were wondering. What's your obsession? 

xo xo Liz 

Photo Credit: browndresswithwhitedots.tumblr.com, Liz Brannan  


  1. Liz, Love the Obsessions! (My cousin tells me I have a short attention span:) I'm obsessed with Beer Bread, Strawberry Jam, & Amazing quotes at the moment

  2. I love your blog! I check it out everyday!!

  3. Was in blogland, saw this and thought of you.....