Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Whiskey, Pumpkins and Pretty Girls

October, I can't believe you're here.

It's all wool socks, pumpkins and foamy coffee around my house....

Here's a little fall time inspiration for you Dolls <3

P.S. I would just like to point out that the flask in the boot is pretty BA....just saying :)

xo xo Liz

Photo Credit:, Reba Ann Gonzales,, Andrea Dustin Glenn, Liz Brannan, Cori Jo, Liz Brannan, Katy Jade Hall,


  1. Sounds good to me.... love this time of year. Aren't wool socks are the best!

  2. It just dawned on me this might be a 'Ladies Only' place and an old grey-beard buckaroo shouldn't be lurking around. I stumbled here by accident and really enjoyed it. It reminds me of my ranch-raised daughter who lives in town now and misses the ranch. I sure wish she could meet a good young buckaroo. I think there is still a clawfoot. Bath tub in my old bunkhouse if no one has stole it. I'd go check and see if it is there if you'd want it. Some dummy painted one side red but I think it could be taken off. Was going to use it for a water trough but never did. Anyway you girls are great and I will buy your book for my daughter who I called 'Roo' thirty years ago.

  3. Calamity, I totally agree! I adore wool socks!

    Hahaha Sage, no this isn't a ladies only...we've got several buckaroo's on here to lend a masculine point of view. hehehe I totally understand how your daughter feels about living in's hard! You lucky man to have a clawfoot tub!!!!

  4. How crazy that I came across your blog.. Cori Jo (Cosper) is one of my really good friends. :)