Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Braggin Rights

Buckaroo Barbie

She has been called cheeky and strong
Beautiful and bold,
Talented and smart,
Or so she is told.
She is handy on a horse
And her smile will catch your eye,
She rides bronc’s with pink lipstick
With her armitas flappin in the sky.
She can rock high heels
Or catch two in a lope,
She’s tough as nails
and has worn out cowboy boots
She has a heart full of love
And dreams in a hidden place,
She has rough and calloused hands,
But sheets made from satin and lace.
She’s a buckaroo Barbie
And she’s beautiful and bold,
Talented and smart,
Or so she’s been told.

Taralynn Matthews

xo xo Liz 

Photo Credit: Liz Brannan, Tayler Teichert, Liz Brannan, Alie Reilly McKee, Taylor Adams, Cara Bieroth Small, Taren Hays, Katie Stroud, Taralynn Matthews, Katie Stroud 


  1. I sure like your style BB. My daughter forgot har computer phone here last night and I stayed up all night looking at your website on a tiny screen. I think your book will be as fresh as sagebrush air after a rain. Your folks did a good job raising you. Sorry I posted so much. I couldn,t help playing on this fancy phone. Hope my daughter doesn't skin me.

  2. Hello Sage! On the contrary, I can't tell you how much your comments mean to me and I'm so glad you think you will like the book enough to buy one for your daughter. Post as many comments as you like!!! :)