Monday, August 22, 2011

Shadows In The Dark

Jumbled thoughts on a summer day that can't arrange a puppy underfoot in the kitchen.
Sudden memories and flashes of feelings of...

Bunches of tulips in an old blue enamel pitcher

Ziploc bags, Wonder bread, Jiffy peanut butter, the groceries brought to cow camp

The sound of your socked heel hitting the sole of your boot when you pull them on in the mornings

Beautiful penmanship on new writing paper

Homemade bread, sliced and waiting on a wooden cutting board

Arms tanned so brown that the red glow makes you think of New Mexico's hills

The fringe on your chinks swirling around your boots as you turn

The sound of your horse eating his grain in the morning as your saddling up

Stack of books, new to you, waiting to be read

The smell of hot grease and diesel drifting through the windows when you drive into town for fair

Never mind your fears - they are but shadows in the dark.

xo xo Liz

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