Friday, September 30, 2011


A smoke filled cab, two coffees sloshing to the bouncing of the truck

The radio is just a background noise to the chatter of

“Are you really awakes” and “I can’t believe he said that….think he really meant it?”

Why we live the way we do…are we doomed to repeat our parent’s mistakes?

Green Cactus ropes and chicken potpie recipes

I wants and I need and that hurt and I love you the mosts..

“Dogs, get in the freakin back and why don’t they teach truckers to drive properly anymore?”

Bikini’s vs thongs…

Cotton or satin?

Definitely cheeky panties for bronc rides at a rodeo

“And please promise I get to front foot ‘em for you?”

Why are you scared and don’t be afraids

Both windows down now and heat on our feet
I don’t want to be awake, every set of headlights sears my brain but I’d rather be doing it with you than alone

“I’m nervous to work in front of him for the first time and is confidence what tips the scale between being handy or just good help?”

Day of the dead masks and runnings from a past that you didn’t deserve

Just two bodies

Just four wheels

Just one road….

Like a lolita in boots 

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