Tuesday, August 16, 2011

How To Tuesday....

How To....Get Through the Week With a Smile

Have fancy coffee (or tea, if that's your particular elixir) in a rockin cup...bound to make you smile right off the get go!

Pick a day and only listen to vintage-y music...so far Adrian and I have listened to this version of La Vie en Rose, 16 Tons by Ernie Ford, Devil Woman by Marty Robbins and A Fine Romance by Ella Fritzgerald. Just put a spring in my step....:)

Go rope something....now. And if there's no black b*tch cows to be found....rope a chair, a sibling, the dog....just go rope something.

Go swimming, summer is almost over! And if there's no chlorinated swimming pool to be had...try something else...hey, it's wet!

They say a woman's crowning glory is her hair...show it a little love this week and give it a deep conditioning treatment. 

Find your heartsong and give them a kiss...

Have a great week Dolls! 

xo xo Liz 

Photo Credit: Alie Reilly Mckee, Alison Brannan, and no clue....


  1. That was so sweet! Love love love as always :)

  2. Young lady this is the best thing on the internet. Everything an old cowboy loves all in one place. Seeing you young buckaroos makes me happy and makes me a little misty for my young days. The photos and writing are just great.