Wednesday, March 9, 2011

There were gods there....

What: Winnemucca Ranch Hand Rodeo

Where: Seriously? Pay attention sparky, Winnemucca, Nevada

When: March 2-6, 2011Excitement gathers starting the end of February...Winnemucca is pretty much the kick off for a season of Ranch Rodeos that ends around November. 

What to expect: No sleep, not eating for approximately 3 days, loosing your voice, and a sudden appetite for Bloody Marys. 

Sightings: Lacey Takacs Thompson singing our Nation's Anthem....that women can belt it out!!
              Andrea Mori Sestanovich looking as pretty as she ever has, 9 months preggo.
              Cole Clark showing in the ranch horse class for the first time on Friday. 
             There were more puppies for sale this year I believe than years past.
             Adrian Buckaroogirl singing songs from her soon to be released album outside of Tips booth....
             The Schutte/Brown clan just being their general gorgeous, good lookin, handy selves.  
             Jim Ranch took home the buckle....again

            Les Iveson had gorgeous engraved silver rings...for $40. They lasted about 20 minutes.

           John Schutte won the stock horse challenge.
          The Nevada Rancher's very own darling, Jolyn Laubacher, seen interviewing folks.             
          Cristi Walker seen wandering with another set of her beautiful stirrups....only flaw was the drool streaks she had to keep wiping off.
 Gossip:   A fair sized group of buckaroo's rumored to be heading Down Under, will they return with accents?              
               The high selling horse this year supposedly went for 13,000 doll hairs.        
               Jack Paine knocked his head so hard in the bronc riding that he actually believes that he's a Rockette...don't be concerned if you see him practicing his kicks behind the chutes next weekend. 
        This year marked the 30th year that Shawn Goemmer got on a bucking horse...and boy did he show us how it should be done!          
        The youngest Brannan sister marking out Tub Blanthorn on the dance floor at you think she got confused as to what a bronc is?   
         Catlin Martin overheard arguing his cooking abilities when it comes to Top Ramen.        
         A disgruntled Oregonian thought to be seen calling security on underage dancers in Winners Saturday night. Come on, like you didn't do it too back in the day?
 Hope to see ya there next year, Dolls!!!

xo xo Liz


  1. I really wanted to go! But maybe next year! Isn't Jolyn amazing?! I wish I'd gotten to hear some new songs. How fun.

  2. When do we get to hear from you again? :( its been forever...