Monday, March 21, 2011's Monday

It's funny how it's the little things that make you feel better....

I'm having the worst kind of day today and for those of you who love Audrey Hepburn, you'll know what I mean when I say that I've got the Mean you know that it's a bad one.

But some very nice strangers have brought me a little sunshine.....someone randomly bought me a cup of coffee, which is amazing since I managed to forget my wallet and was wanting a cuppa more than anything at that moment.

Someone else randomly told me I look cute in hats...and I'm having a bad hair day...thanks!!!

And to the random person who held open the door for me this morning and actually smiled....a very big thanks. Today may suck....but you guys rock.

Sorry that this was random and weird...I'll post something fantastic soon, I promise!!!!

xo xo Liz

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  1. It may be Monday but it is one day closer to spring and that means a few more baby calves on the ground.