Monday, March 7, 2011

Pendleton and Pearls

                                                                    Andrea Branch

                                                                Dylan Sponseller

Ursala and Jessi Jo Lewis

Kayla Weaver

Missy Boozenny

Milly Spratling

Adrian Brannan

Crystal Brennen

Taren Hays

Colleen Freeman

Bonnie Whitt

Georgia Black

Dana Withers

Timmy Lynn DeLong, Monel Shelley, Lacey Thompson, Taren Hays

Well, we've got Monday down and outta the way ladies! I spent the weekend with two little blond Goldilocks at a ranch rodeo and didn't get much I'm up studying for mid-terms....and later this week I'm taking off to spend Spring Break with my 'pard...who has the night shift checking first time heifers....guess I better get the coffee pot turned back on!!

Hope you're inspired by the pictures of these gals! If you have a minute head over to my sis's blog...I'm loving her post today!!

Sweet dreams Dolls....and when you drink your morning cuppa Joe tomorrow, think of me! :)

xo xo Liz

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  1. Andrea Branch is gorgeous!