Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ok, I know that's kinda corny..but I'm so stoked that the sun actually graced us with his presence today that I. don't. even. care!!

June 21 is the official first day of Summer. Not that we're counting in this household. Noooo.....
we be like.....

Yes mums, I know I said "We be like" wasn't a typo and I did spell check it. It's just a saying.
Alright, moving on.

My live in BB and partner in crime has recently started working out with me lately...and sweating is way more fun with her chattering going on all the while.

Those of you that know me, know that I have chronic Lyme Disease. And the pain and hassle of it all seems to be somewhat checked by me exercising and eating as "clean" and organically as possible.

Sometimes I don't want to eat the way I should because....well I'm SUPPOSED to. Stupid, bloody human nature I know. But the warm weather the last few days has been a kick in the pants to my diet...I'm on track and I'm left wondering why I ever cheat???

Stupid, bloody human nature, I suppose.

In case any of you Dolls have been inspired by the swiftly approaching Summertime as we have, are starting a new exercise routine and diet, or upping the ante on your already existing one, here is some inspiration and tips to help spur you on your way!

Good luck Dolls!

xo xo Liz

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