Saturday, April 2, 2011

It's All In the Bag

A woman's purse....that sacred bag that holds all your secrets, truths and do-dads that help get you through your day. The first time I ever read a blog, had a post about this girl's purse and what she kept in was all very artfully displayed and french...that will happen when you're parisienne. Anyway, I've been wanting to do this for a while, and hopefully this first purse posting, taken on the road no less...will loosen your tongues as to what makes a woman's bag so mysterious and what you have to keep in yours!!

My secrets laid out....after I cleaned all the junk out that seems to accumulate. How is it even possible for so much stuff to get into such a small space?!

Close up! Lipstick that I don't leave the house without and it's always handy to keep a spare set of earrings in there too. A generally has hoops, I go for diamond studs...just make sure you won't freak out if they mysteriously disappear one day! A small sized version of my perfume is a must have for my purse.
Blackberry Torch....handy to have when I'm on the road traveling with A so I can stay on top of emails.'s now the next day from when I first started posting this! Buckaroogirl and Buckaroo Barbie are on the road to a show....and the hotel we are staying at keeps kicking me offline...which makes uploading photos very difficult! Tomorrow morning I think we're going to wake up early, grab a cup of coffee, jump in the little tonka-toy truck that is our touring vehicle, and go see the Sequoia's before her show. Hope we see a few of you Dolls there tomorrow night...visit or Mavericks Roasting Company in Visalia, CA.

xo xo Liz

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  1. Love it! I have sooo many purses ( I seem to collect purses and big sunglasses). Have to have lip gloss (VS), gum and lotion. Sunglasses get scratched but I always have a pair. Love your purse, I have one just like it, with the addition of a crystaly cross :) I read an article once that gave purse sizing tips related to heighth. And the good thing is, since im 5'11 I can have as big of a purse as I want! How awesome! That way I can always carry everything! :D