Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Glitter and Skittles

My life still feels like shiat....not gonna lie to you Dolls. You know those really LONG days you get in March where it's as grey as grey can be and it just rains and rains and rains and rains....that's what I feel like inside right now. And even though I feel like nothing will ever be OK again, I know deep down that I'll be all right. I may hurt and I may fall down a few times, but I'll get back up and I'll be OK.

So the sister and I went to Baskin-Robbins and ate double helpings of ice cream.

I painted each of my finger nails a different color.

I've been working out HARD.

I've cried my way through the Notebook and then read every inspirational book I own. Which is quite a lot actually.

Here's some of the pictures I keep pulling up that just seem to make me feel better. What do you girls do to jump yourself outta a slump when things seem hopeless? I'd really LOVE to know!!

Sweet dreams Dolls,

xo xo Liz


  1. Ohh im sorry you're so down! But im sure you're sister can help a lot. I like to paint my nails, tan, work out and ride my horses. Although my dog also helps cheer me up. Try watching Breakfast at Tiffanys. I hear that helps, something to do with how amazing Audry Hepburn is! Or doing anything that requires your concentration while at the same time not thinking :D. Oh! And VS lip gloss is AMAZING!! No other brands even come close :)

  2. Amanda....I'm totally agree about the VS lipgloss!! Angels ROCK!! haha I like how we have similar tastes when it comes to cheering ourselves up :) Thanks for the encouragement,Doll!

  3. I know this is directed at the "girls" but I would offer Prayer, Rope something, and do something for someone less fortunate than you, i.e. homeless, sick, old....just a thought

  4. You may try a Vit D supplement. Between the raw milk and the lack of sunshine you might be a little short. Then, you need a girls night or a dinner party. Play some cards, laugh, and have fun!

  5. Wow...your blogs are s amazing. I know exactly the feeling you are taking about and I love ALL of the photos you post and how you say things. Your post's always make my bad days better, so when I have a bad day..I turn to you.
    Hope your day and week get better and better..hang in there. You are a strong amazing and beautiful woman wo derserves a lot out of life. Make sure that you are treated like that no matter what.
    Thank-you for your amazing insperation.

  6. I know what your goin thru. Among a lot of other things that seem to be against me right, one is being homesick. My fqamily moved out to Oklahoma about a yr and a half ago for work and I am STILL homesick. I miss working on the ranches down in Georgia and Florida, it's where home is to me. You know that feeling? I ache for it. We're known as Cracker cowboys, most ppl don' think of ranches when you say Ga or Fl but they're there and I wish I was back there. The things that make me feel alot better is music, it always has. Especially inspirational ones like your books. And of course, my horse it just helps to go out and just give her a big ole hug, she's a cracker horse too! lol, from central florida. She didn't fare to well during her first winter here but the summer doesn't phase her one bit. I've also got really good friends who listen to me when I'm feeling down. AND movies, the ones I love to watch the most when I'm feeling really sad is Alvin and the Chipmunks (lol can't go wrong there) Steel Magnolias, 9 to 5, Grease, and any paranormal haunting documentary lol.

  7. Will, always glad to hear from a man's point of view, thanks for the suggestions! I couldn't agree more with you, and it's an especially good idea on a day like today where the weather is just plain nasty. :)

    Corner Post, girls night is ON for tonight!! WHoop whoop!! <3

    Jessica, I am so glad that you like BB. I can't tell you how much it means to me to hear that it might help in some small way. <3 you girl!

    Savannah, I am so stoked to hear from a Cracker Cowboy girl, you have no idea!!! There's this awesome Ian Tyson song about a cowboy from Florida and when I was reading your comment it instantly made me think of the song!! I totally understand the homesick feeling. I feel it every day because a couple years ago I had to leave Nevada....and that's where my heart lives. Hang in there girl, we'll make it! Diggin the fact you like 9 to 5 as well :)
    <3 <3 <3
    xo xo Liz