Thursday, February 19, 2015

Listen To Your Heart

Dear Buckaroo Barbie, 

Night has fallen and you find yourself alone. Put down your phone. Turn off your iPad. Lower the volume on that radio. Place your hand over your heart. 

Feel that? 

Steady. Galloping on without your permission. Alive. 

Today may have seen you in your darkest hour. But Doll, you are here and you are cherished. 

Stronger than you’ve ever thought. 

More capable than you would think. 

You have all the tools you need within you. Reach, grasp, dig…make use of them. 

This roadblock is just that. A block. Not the end and definitely not defining. 

Grieve. Be angry. Be sad. Allow yourself to hurt, and then move on. 

You are young of heart. You can choose joy. You can accept the pain and you can choose to not allow it to define you. 

You are a thousand times braver than you ever thought you were, Doll. Don’t let the haters get you down. 

xo xo Liz 

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