Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Jagged Edges

We are all of us jagged edges,

Scars ripped through bone and memory that heals with a painful bump.
Smooth corners and unscathed hearts are not as strong as yours;
Your jagged edges are beautiful.

You are the stories you have yet to live,
The work-sore muscles, salty, sweaty kisses
And beers gulped appreciatively at midnight.

You will be found in the corner of your daughter’s mouth,
That secret smile awaiting some boy’s attention to call it out of hiding…
Just like her daddy discovered yours.

You are the hungry who gather around your dinner table,
The widows you hug,
The orphans you love as your own.

You are the hope you bring to others,
The wrong that’s been done to you by others and,
The kindness that you use to patch the holes of pain.

You are the work worn callouses on his palms,
The blue rope twirling around your head come branding time,
The bunch of daffodils next to the kitchen sink.

You are a beautiful,


Full of jagged edges.

xo xo Liz 

Photo Credit: tumblr 


  1. Great use of adjectives! I love adjectives, they make me happy :)

    1. hahaha ME TOO!! I love, love, love 'em!! I have this big thesaurus that my grandma gave me and I love to just read it!! hahaha Nerds unite!! :)