Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Branding In The Hills of Bakersfield

Hello all! I’m so sorry I went MIA for a few days, but I got the chance to help a friend gather and brand for a long weekend, so I took it!

Getting the chance to see new country is always exciting, and I'm pretty sure that Bakersfield has more rocks than I've ever ridden through. It is a little surprising when you're hauling butt down a hill to rope a calf and come upon an enormous pile of rocks. Pay attention, Liz! 

I made it home Sunday night, zipped up to San Francisco on Monday and now I’m happily tucked in my own home while the Santa Anna wind whips down the mountain behind our house.

Today I will change the world. Not in its entirety, but because I’ve made the choice to forget the harsh things people have said, the cruel things people do to each other and the sadness that threatens our world. Instead, I’m focusing on being the most joyful, kind version of me possible. 

Do your part to bring a little sunshine to the people around you today, it really does matter and reaches much farther than we might realize! Even if it's just a genuine, "how are you today?"

Here’s some pictures of my weekend, just for fun! Hope you all have an amazing HUMP DAY!!!

See the two riders way up top left?

xo xo Liz 


  1. gotta love some turquoise buck rolls! Awesome!

    1. Nicole has some pretty fancy stuff Jenn!! hahaha And her dad makes those bucking rolls in all sorts of colors, they gave me a set in red! :)

  2. I just found your blog through the IC page. I love love love finding fellow "country lovin' girls" who love to dress up as well! I live in the middle of nowhere NJ but have also lived in Texas. I don't live on a ranch or own any horses, but I'm surrounded by them.

    So glad I found this blog!!!!

    1. Oh my gosh, how exciting!! I'm so glad to find you too!!! Texas is amazing, my sister Adrian goes down there all the time and she swears she's going to live there one day! We just moved from a ranch and now live in town, which has taken some serious getting used to but is lovely as well :) So glad you wrote, hugs!

  3. You have some amazing pictures, an stories to tell Liz! Bakersfeild is a beautiful place! And your right about the rocks! I almost had a horse break his leg when we came barrleing over the mountain to rope a lil heifer.