Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Shades of Grey

I am drinking beer while writing an article for March’s issue of the Nevada Rancher.

I have a side of rawhide soaking in the bathtub, which means that when Adrian goes for her nightly soak in the tub, I’m probably going to get my ears boxed.

My poor little Roo dog has a bad back and is currently sitting in my lap feeling poorly, and I can’t fix it.

I found my favorite braiding fid that I thought was lost forever in the move and I have some callouses finally starting to form where the rawhide strings rub up against my fingers.

The ground is parched and thirsty and every horse, cow and tree I pass looks miserable and ready to dry up. We need rain.

Life is never black and white, wonderful or terrible. It tends to be a shade of grey…and that’s all right.

Happy Hump Day, peeps! 

xo xo Liz


  1. After 3 weeks my prayers were answered and we finally got rain today, keep the faith I'll try to send some your way!

  2. Oh praise God!! So happy for you Abby Rose, and yes please send some our way! :)

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for the encouragement Maria!! We actually got a little bit the next day! :)