Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Buckaroo Barbie and HD West Giveaway!!!

I have been bursting at the seams for the last few weeks and I’ve almost let it slip more than once, but now I get to tell you ALL ABOUT OUR GIVEAWAY!!!

Amanda Richardson is the gorgeous and very talented woman behind HD West. She and Buckaroo Barbie are teaming up for a giveaway of one of her hand painted cuffs that she designed exclusively for Buckaroo Barbie!!

If you don’t feel special, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you!!


To enter this giveaway you need to:

·      Become a member of this blog
·      Like HD West on Facebook
·      Follow us both on Instagram (Liz) and (Amanda)
·      Please comment “Done” when finished!

If you’re already following the blog or HD West or don’t have an Instagram (you should seriously consider getting one!) comment “Done” anyway.

Contest ends February, 4, 2014 at midnight. We will announce a winner on Wednesday morning! 

We love you guys and we want you to know it and plus, you need to love Amanda. She’s pretty freaking talented AND nice.

Good Luck, Dolls! 


Just wanted to show that I didn't pick the name :)

And we have a winner!!! 

Westeastern.me please email me your address and I'll get this lovely prize to you right away!


Thank you to Amanda from HD West for contributing the bracelet and to everyone who entered!

Buckaroo Barbie will have another giveaway soon, so stay tuned!

xo xo Liz


  1. Done! 😏✌

  2. Done!! That is fantastic, she is SO incredibly talented!

  3. Done, and done(r). Hehe. I hope I'm the lucky girl!

  4. Done! :D Awesome giveaway, awesome gals!

    1. Westeastern.me you WON girly!!! Please email me at lizbrannan@gmail.com :) Congratulations!! And I totally expect a picture with your bracelet on!! :)

  5. Done. Complete. Finished. You get the idea.

  6. Done? maybe, I think… I'm gona be the technically out-of-touch one here haha!…I have an Instagram, but no Facebook, does that still count?

  7. Replies
    1. Unknown, could you please comment with your full name? Thank you!! :)

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  9. Done :) Such talent! Absolutely beautiful!

  10. DONE! I like both the Buckaroo Barbie and HD West as well as Instagram. I have admired Amanda's work for a really long time and just contacted her for a quote on getting a pair of my boots painted! Would love this bracelet!

  11. Done! Beautiful Cuff!