Friday, January 17, 2014

Buckaroo Barbie's Braiding Series - How To Tie A Turk's Head Knot

Here is Part 2 of the Buckaroo Barbie Braiding Series! I know I promised a "What You Need" video next, but several people already said they were getting started on some projects so I wanted to make sure they could finish them off without fear of unraveling :) I will film the promised video this weekend hopefully!

I’ve also been getting questions about where to buy rawhide and kangaroo. When you’re first getting started, I’d just get the spools of kangaroo from Tandy. You can also buy pre-cut rawhide string there, but it is not good quality in my opinion. If you’re going to build gear you plan on using, it is better to invest in a string cutter and cut your own strings. It doesn’t matter how good of a braider you are, your gear is only as good as the strings you cut.

Have a lovely weekend, Dolls!

xo xo Liz 


  1. What do you think -- 3/32" or ⅛" lace? There isn't a Tandy's near by, and I don't see any kangaroo hide online. But they have calf lace. Would that work for now -- just to play around with and practice?

    1. Absolutely!! And I'd get what ever you feel most comfortable with, but I'd think the bigger the better at first. :)