Wednesday, December 4, 2013

The Best Of November From Instagram

Adrian and I LOVE Instagram. We share A LOT of photos on there that don't always make it to Facebook and for those of you who may not have an Instagram account, here are our personal favorites from the month of November! If you DO have Instagram and are as obsessed with it as we are, please come find us! I left our user names up on the photos so you should be able to find us.

Adrian's Blue Duck 

Adrian and Mr. Moorehouse at the WRCA Championship Ranch Hand Rodeo 

Adrian at a super cool estate sale where she couldn't afford ANYTHING!

New luggage! Whoop whoop! 

Morning doodles and coffee

Flip your hair

That one time Elizabeth's hands made it in a book

Love affair...with these SHOES!!

Buckaroo Barbies at The Ronald Reagan Library! 

Thanksgiving and champagne with grandma 

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xo xo Elizabeth & Adrian 

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