Sunday, December 1, 2013

Story Time Sunday - The Adventures of Roo and Elizabeth

The Adventures of Roo and Elizabeth – Part One

Once upon a time, a litter of puppies was born to a fox terrier, somewhere in the mountains. She had 9 little puppies, each more spotted and cuter than the last. They slept and ate, chewed on each others ears and tumbled all over the place.

One rainy winter day when the puppies were still very small, a girl named Elizabeth came by the house to visit the puppies. She was pale and unsteady on her feet because she was very sick and was looking to find a friend. The girl sat down on the floor and all the puppies gamboled about her. She picked up one and then another until she picked up a certain puppy with funny little spots on her nose. As soon as Elizabeth touched the spotted puppy, she stopped squirming and nestled very close and held quite still. Maybe she was listening to Elizabeth’s heart beat or maybe she knew Elizabeth wanted a friend, but we’ll never really know because dogs only talk on Christmas Eve, and mostly when there are no humans around.

For kindness sake Elizabeth held a few more puppies, but they all wriggled and wanted to get down and go back to tumbling on the floor. Elizabeth reached for the spotted puppy once more and just like before, the spotted puppy nestled close to her heart as soon as she picked her up.

The puppy cocked her head as Elizabeth handed the people who owned the fox terrier a crisp $100 bill, then she scooped up the puppy and holding her close, she danced out the door into the rain.

During the long drive to Elizabeth’s house, the puppy snuggled close to her heart. Something wasn’t right with the pale girl; the puppy could feel she was weak and in pain. The puppy tried to burrow even closer to the girl, maybe she could make her feel better if she just tried this….the pale girl squealed in surprise when the puppy’s pink tongue darted out and licked her chin. “Why you little shister!” Elizabeth said and held the offender up to eye level. The puppy liked the sound of the girl’s laugh and her little dipstick of a tail began to wag furiously. The more the girl laughed, the more the puppy’s tail wagged and her little pink tongue lapped at Elizabeth’s chin. It was a jocular drive home.

The little spotted puppy looked out the window and watched as they pulled up to a ranch house in a large valley. There was a big yard and tall grass and horses and cows and all sorts of wonderful smells! Elizabeth carefully placed the puppy on the ground; she was no bigger than a mouse! The puppy sniffed the dirt and then just like the cartoon Kangaroo from Winnie the Pooh, she hopped away on all fours. The puppy looked up when Elizabeth started howling with laughter. “Well that’s what I’ll call you then, Roo. Because you jump around like a kangaroo!”  Roo wagged her dipstick of a tail and they headed towards the house together, Roo hopping all the way.

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