Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Time For Thanksgiving

This night, I am thankful for the pain I thought would tear us down this year,
Because it ultimately made us stronger.

This night, I am thankful for the tears that ruined our mascara,
Because it made our smiles that much more beautiful.

This night, I am thankful for the tender moments we spent with loved ones,
Because it taught us what love should feel like.

This night, I am thankful for our triumphs,
Because they gave us confidence to ask for more.

This night, I am thankful for my life and all I have been given,

Just because.

xo xo Liz 


  1. happy thanksgiving liz, hope you had an awesome
    thanksgiving, and now i can say merry christmas.
    have an awesome weekend.
    oh by the way did you get my email with the attached quote?

  2. Hi Mason! THank you so much, we had a FANTASTIC holiday, I hope you and your family did as well. Thank you so much for the quote, it was very thoughtful of you! Merry Christmas!

  3. i thought it went well for you and adrian.

  4. i don't mean to be pest about this so i
    apologize ahead of time, but when do you think you will do that post
    about the gear you made? i am hoping to make my own someday,
    again sorry for being a pest about it. have a great day and
    merry christmas. hello to adrian.