Saturday, October 26, 2013

Here's To The Freaking Weekend

I honestly can’t believe how quickly October seems to be winging by….I swear that the last time I looked it was September and now I have been informed that there are only 8 more weeks until Christmas. Oh good heavens.

This morning my mums and I are going out to visit a friend at their citrus ranch and get some fresh eggs and avocados….lucky us! What are your plans for the weekend? Any ropings or rodeos that you’re planning on hitting up?

Here are some links for you to enjoy….

If you're in the market for a new ranch rope, Allie Bear has an amazing selection. 

Some of the cutest, and prettiest, handmade cards by professional calligrapher Laura Hooper-Leader for super reasonable prices. Seriously, check out this cute "Boo" card for Halloween! 

Having troubles sleeping at night? Here are 7 Tips for the Best Sleep Ever...

If you're in the Ventura/Ojai are of California and are a foodie like me, check out Melissa Good Taste. She's a total Buckaroo Barbie and gives great reviews on local places to eat....go give her some love!  

xo xo Liz 


  1. OMG!! Robert Redford and Paul Newman are my all time favorites!!!! <3

    1. Yes!! Oh man, they were the sexiest!! ;)

  2. I read this while I was at a rodeo!! :) Made my day! Then people started asking why I was smiling at the screen of my phone ;)
    Thanks Liz for writing such an awesome blog!!!

    1. Gussie, it makes my day that you were reading Buckaroo Barbie at a rodeo! I love it!! thanks for reading :) And I hope you enter our giveaway! <3