Saturday, February 9, 2013

Heifers, Shotguns and Lingerie....Valentine's Day Buckaroo Barbie Style

Adrian and I got a request the other day to write a post on ways to spend Valentine's Day that are still special even if you're living out in the middle of nowhere and cooking for your man is a daily occurrence. And we are more than happy to comply! We got to talking about our favorite Valentine's that we had spent with boyfriends, and we both realized that our favorite memories are actually pretty "tame"...time spent at home together after riding colts and finishing trumpets blaring or cupids giggling in the corner, just enjoyment of a quiet moment spent with the one you care about.

Adrian's favorite Valentine was spent in town, singing at some show in the afternoon and then riding colts with her boyfriend in the evening. She says it's her favorite because they weren't stressed or in a hurry and then they went inside and made dinner together and watched the Hangover. Truly romantic stuff right there.

My favorite Valentine was spent miles from town and my boyfriend and I went to the local bar after a long and cold day of riding colts in the snow because I was too tired to cook! It was grand fun, there was no one there, stuffed pork chops were on the menu and the owner lit a candle for us, which we all thought was hilarious because I'm pretty un-romantic!!

So if you can't make it into town for a movie, expensive dinner and a night filled with chocolate and lace and silk sheets, don't despair!! You can still have grand fun!

Buckaroo Barbie Scenario #1

It's snowy and cold and you and your Buckaroo Man have a bunch of first time heifers to calve out. You're going to be tired, your honey will be tired so don't make elaborate plans in your head and then be disappointed and heartbroken if some mama cow's labor pains take preference over Valentine's Day. Keep it sweet and simple. Plan something for dinner that doesn't depend on having hours of free time to prepare it. Something hot and spicy in the crock pot, perhaps? When you go to town for your grocery shop this weekend pick up some champagne and strawberries as a treat. When it's dinner time (whenever that may be), pile up a bunch of pillows and blankets in front of your fireplace or wood stove picnic style, and serve your dinner on trays! As a treat pour you and your baby the champagne you picked up in town (but let him open the bottle, make him feel all manly), add a couple of strawberries and you have a romantic winter picnic dinner, even if one or both of you has to rush back out into the dark of the night far too soon!! 

Spicy Beef Stew
Biscuits served with Honey Butter
Basque Salad 
Champagne served with Strawberries 

Winter Cap
House Slippers
Fresh Jeans 
Spritz of perfume 
Lip Gloss 

Cold Hands, Warm Heart Playlist:
Mariposa Wind: Mike Beck
Little Lion Man: Mumford and Sons
Awake and Alive: Skillet
Gypsy Woman: Muddy Waters
Rain Patty Griffin
All American Nightmare: Hinder
Love Never Comes At All: Ian Tyson
9 to 5: Dolly Parton
Marry Me: Train
Cowboy Girl: Any Old Time String Band
Roll On Owyhee: Ian Tyson
Angel of the Morning: Juice Newton
Sun is Gonna Rise: Bill Miller

No matter if you're calving, dancing, laughing, wishing you were sleeping or eating, love is beautiful.

Buckaroo Barbie Scenario #2 

It's a clear, cold and beautiful Valentine's Day. What's a Buckaroo Barbie to do? Why shoot some clays of course!! Fill a thermos up with coffee, grab a baggie of cookies and a box of shells and head on out with your sweetheart for some friendly competition!! Instead of playing "pig" (you have the letters p-i-g to miss, and whoever spells pig first loses), play a game of love! Loser forfeits a kiss. Once you and your man are thoroughly chilled, head home, wipe the snow off your barbecue and fire her up! Make dinner together and yes, he has to help too!! After your amazing meal play a game of cards, cribbage, braid some rawhide or just watch a movie. And enjoy just being you with just him. 

BBQ'd Elk Steaks
Twice Baked Potatoes 
Cheesy Cauliflower 
Homemade Sangria 
Chocolate Chip Cookies 

Puffer Vest or jacket
Hair in Pigtails
Nails painted alternating pink and red
80's Old Man Ball Cap
A Smile

Shooting & Grooving Playlist:
Shoot To Thrill: ACDC
Dad's Gonna Kill Me: Richard Thompson
Touch of Evil: Tom Russell
Photograph: Nickleback
Sorry: Gary Allen
Fastest Girl in Town: Miranda Lambert
Fuzzy: Randy Rogers Band
Ain't No Rest For the Wicked: Cage the Elephant
Cavvy Song: Adrian
Sweet Dreams: Eurythmics
Thrift Shop: Macklemore and Ryan Lewis
Summer of Love: Mike Beck
Highwayman: The Highwayman
The Steeldust Line: Ian Tyson
Wanted Dead or Alive: (Tom Cruise Version)

Couples that ride, rope and shoot together...stay friends forever. 

Buckaroo Barbie Scenario #3

Your man has free time and you've been planning this night for a week. There's fresh flowers on the table, sour heart shaped candy and chocolate kisses piled in tempting heaps around the house. Your special Buckaroo Barbie Playlist is quietly playing in the background and everything is almost ready. The table is opulent...covered with a table cloth and flowers, candles and pearls dripping off its sides. You built a frothy, frilly fort in the living room for you and your man to watch Rocky from later, once dinner is over. Hey, if everything else is so girly, he outta be allowed to watch a manly-man movie at least, right?! Right! You've showered, curled your hair into Victoria's Secret model worthy waves and are all dressed up in your town clothes, even though you have no intention of heading into town. All you have to do is wait for your Prince Charming in Chinks to arrive and your romantic evening will commence. 

Starter of Salmon Spread and Cheese and Crackers
Steak with Whiskey Sauce
Loaded Baked Potatoes 
Garlic Green Beans 
Fresh Loaf of Sourdough Bread 
Red Wine with Dinner
Red Waldorf Astoria Cake
Coffee and Bailey's Irish Cream

Your Prettiest Underwear
A Dress...(it could be as simple as a sweater dress with leggings and your town boots or as special as your fancy black wrap dress and bare feet.) 
Simple jewelry

Romance at the Ranch Playlist:
Romance in Durango: Bob Dylan
Come Over: Kenny Chesney
Hot Summer Tears: Ian Tyson
Sweet Disposition: Temper Trap
At Last: Etta James
Campfire Waltz: Dave Stamey
I and Love and You: The Avett Brothers
North Dakota: Lyle Lovett
For You: Angus and Julie Stone
Stacks: Bon Iver
Striptease: Hinder
Just a Dream: Nelly
Sunlight On Silver: Jesse Ballantyne
Spanish Ranch CowboyCalifornia Girl: Adrian
Love Me Tender: Catlin Martin

Bare feet or heels, diamonds or keep me coming back for more. 

These were just our ideas, Dolls and we had so much fun putting our heads together and coming up with some different scenarios. Just remember you don't have to follow ANY RULES to have a wonderful and special Valentine's Day with your love. Just be you. Do what you want. And smile.

Picture Credit: Adrian 

And for you gals who are single, don't worry!! We've got an awesome post coming up especially for you in the next couple of days!!

xo xo Liz and Adrian


  1. I prefer the simple but enjoyable times too. No colts to ride in the snow -- besides I'm too old for that, but do have similar experiences.

    1. I don't have any colts right now either, but it's a good memory :)

  2. Love your list!! What is Basque salad? Sorry scenario 1 kinda fits my life...I love that you have songs lists to go with the evening to set the mood - ooh la la! I know a few of the songs but there are some new ones!

    I also see home made sangria made the list - nice choice! Do you have a favorite recipe?

    1. Basque salad has a very garlic-y taste to them, I"ll ask some friends for a GOOD recipe!! And I like Pioneer Woman's recipe for sangria!! :)

  3. Oh my goodness, you two are just my favorite! Love the post! Love you! Happy Valentines!

    1. Thank you so much Mindy!! Happy Valentines to you!! <3