Saturday, December 22, 2012

Buckaroo Barbie's Gift Guide For The Grandma In Your Life

Christmas is almost here. I cannot believe how quickly the month of December has flown by….and how quickly the chocolates in my Advent calendar have disappeared. Yes, we still get Advent calendars because we’re cool like that. Don't judge. 

It seems like everyone I’ve talked to lately finished their Christmas shopping weeks ago....overachievers! Adrian and I have been traveling a lot lately and if you throw in an unexpected trip to Nashville, the result will be that you’re behind in your Christmas shopping! In case there are any last minute Christmas shoppers out there like me, here is one last Gift Guide for the final countdown.

  • An Electric Tea Kettle

Some of my earliest memories as a child are having tea parties at my grandma's house. I got to use the fancy tea cups and saucers and grandma always rustled up some delicious treat for us to share. I LOVE my electric tea kettle because it literally takes 3 minutes to boil a full pot of hot water. Your grandma will appreciate being able to make a cup of something hot when she comes inside, chilled from chores or gardening...or when she just wants something cozy to drink at night. 

  • A British Murder Mystery 

There's nothing my grandma loves more than curling up with a good murder mystery. Maybe a grisly murder scene set in old London isn't YOUR grandma's idea of a good read, but you could get her a book on something she DOES enjoy, be it gardening, cooking, knitting, sewing or whatever floats her boat! 

  • Chocolate

How cool are the images on these chocolates?! One of my favorite gifts that I received from a friend one year, was a box of belgium chocolates in the shape of sea shells....My grandma would LOVE her own box of fancy chocolates, your grandma probably would too! Plus, every time she takes a bite she'll think of you! 

  • Make Her Something That Shows What A Totally Cool Grandkid She Has
I'm making my grandma a gift that is very ME....and because she's my grandma she loves that. Draw her a picture, record a video of you playing an instrument or singing a song, write her a poem...she'll love your creativity.

  • A CD That She Can Listen To When She Drives

Get your nana a CD she'll enjoy when she's driving around town running errands, on her way to work or on a road trip to visit you! My grandma would like opera....what would your's like? 

  • Make Her A Gift Basket Of Homemade Goodies 

Put together a big basket of homemade goodies for your grandma. Make an enormous batch of chocolate chip and oatmeal-rasin cookies, brownies, shortbread and even a pound cake! Throw in some really nice coffee or tea in a pretty package and an espresso scented candle, and there you go! I would freak over a gift like this and I know my grandma would, too! 

Merry Christmas! 

xo xo Liz 


  1. Hey Liz- I really like this post. Your grandma sounds like she may be a little like mine. She is English, born in Wales, and I grew up calling her nana. She is an amazing woman. We have always spent Christmas Eve at my grandparents house, but the past 2 years my Grammy has been in a convalescent hospital. She has alzheimers. So now we go see her there. It's a bit different, but she's happy. Anyway, I am so grateful for being able to have my grandma for the past 29 years. She would've loved all these giftts. Her favorite was when I handmade her cards :-)

  2. Oh wow, your grandma sounds really lovely!! I'm so sorry that she has Alzheimers, my grandpa had severe dementia and it was really hard. I think it's lovely that you go see her there, that must mean a lot to her. Handmade cards are the best, Merry Christmas! :)