Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Lustful Advances of a Motorcycle Jacket

What do you use as defining markers that you’re officiallygrown up?

I can remember being a scrawny 12 year old with ears, knees and feet too big for my body and desperately wanting to buy something (I can’tremember for the life of me what is now), and confiding in my dad who wasusually pretty sympathetic about those types of things.

His response?

“Delayed gratificationis a sign of maturity, Lizzy.”

Damn. No sympathy there!

So, throughout my life whenever I’ve said “no” to something I really wanted to say “yes” to, I can hear my dad’s voice echoing in my mind.

The other day Adrian and the mums and I were in Old Downtown Sacramento, getting Adrian’s engagement ring resized. More on that HERE.

We were expecting to have to drop grandma’s ring off and pick it up next week, but the kindly man behind the counter named Todd with beautiful tattoos that snaked up the inside of his forearms, said that Adrian was so obviously excited that if we could go wander around for an hour, he would get it done! Wasn’t that kind? And we’d do pretty much anything to not have to make an extra trip to town if we don’t absolutely have to. So wander we did and what a neat bit of old town history there can be found in downtown Sacramento. We strolled the wooden sidewalks, spent time in an old hatter’s shop and then, in a cramped little boutique, I found it.

Black, soft like butter, a motorcycle jacket with just the perfectly placed asymmetrical zipper. It fit like it was made for me– the sleeves were long enough, weren’t too tight and it made me look tiny. Plus, did I mention it was in my favorite color for clothes, black?

I put the jacket on hold, smug in the assurance that once we had picked up Adrian’s ring (which by this point was waiting for us), I would swoop back and buy the beautiful, magical, buttery, XS, motorcycle jacket.

After we picked up Adrian’s ring and were getting ready toleave, I stood on the sidewalk, torn, pouting and holding a one sided conversation with myself.

Do you really need it, Liz? Well….no. But I do need a black jacket and we’re headed into winter!

Is it of good quality?Well….no, not really but did I mention how badly I wanted it?

I eventually turned away and told myself that delayed gratification was a sign of maturity. And imagined my poor little coat, bereft without my body to keep it warm. I felt like my 12-year-old self again, trying to be a grown-up.

Do you have mile markers that let you know you’re riding the grownup train? What character traits do you venerate as being “adult”? I’m just curious because everyone’s experiences are different and I’m nosy like that.

Please share your story in the comments below about a time when YOU gave up something you really wanted for the sake of maturity, I’d love to hear it!

UPDATE: So two weeks later and I caved and went back and bought the damn thing...I basically sleep in it...so I guess I'm not that grown up after all!! 

xo xo Liz 

Photo via Tumblr and author's own collection


  1. They say if you love something, let it go, then if its meant to be it'll come back to you.. so I guess you loved it! HA! ... This is possibly meant to apply to men but I prefer to apply it to clothes. Cute post, Liz. -Bekah

  2. Every time I buy things for my kids instead of myself. ;)

  3. Hahaha It's definitely easier on the heart, isn't it Bekah?!! ;)

    Cindy....you're lovely and remind me of my mums, she hardly ever buys anything for herself and always for someone else. :)

  4. As always Liz you have perfect timing! I have wanted a new pair of boots for work. I found a pair while window shopping. I wanted them. I called the boot store and priced them...TWICE! I put it off I didn't need them. In the meantime I paid bills, bought groceries etc.
    I was mature...

    But several weeks ago I bought them. Like you I caved! I instantly felt guilty about it. I really didn't need that pair. I could have settled for something else...but you know what they are Lovely!!
    But the way I have been justifying the purchase to myself is - 1) I work hard for the money 2) I will get a lot of use out of them 3) I make mature decisions all the time...so I can splurge a little from time to time. Right?? :)

  5. Oh my gosh, I totally love it!! What are they??? I figure if we both waited so long and still wanted the objects of our desire so badly....then we MUST really need 'em, right?! ;) And yes I definitely believe a little splurge is in order from time to time!

    1. They are a pair of Boulet boots, with a pretty square toe! I like your line of thought - yes we needed them! Just think we could have saved ourselves a lot of stress and frustration if we just listened to our self and bought them the first time! Hahaha!

    2. Oh sweet! I bought my first pair of square toes on my 23 birthday, Anderson Beans, love them! And yeah, we should have just listened to ourselves! LOL