Saturday, November 24, 2012

Here's To The Weekend!

Adrian and I have had the most luxurious day today. Her show isn't until this evening and since she's been fighting a cold and doesn't want to damage her voice, we've been taking it easy and pampering her throat with lots of tea, a humidifier and Christmas music of course! :)

Here are some fun links to browse while you're hanging around the house this weekend:

I've been doing The Tracy Anderson method (Gwenyth Paltrow swears by her!) workouts when our hotels don't have a gym...when I'm finished I'm literally dripping with sweat! But they're so fun!

I've been painting my fingernails with THIS Rimmel nail polish for everyday. I use it in French Rose for everyday. It looks super classy and has the only brush that I'm capable of using and getting polish on my nails and not my hands.

Can't stop listening to this Katy Perry SONG....

I want to try THESE Nike shoes out for running. Anyone else used them? And if so, what'd you think?

Here's the Christmas music playlist that Adrian has on repeat.

I thought this was a cute idea for Christmas Cards...

I have to run and get myself ready for the show this evening....have a great weekend, Dolls!

xo xo Liz


  1. I heard the Nike Frees are Awesome. I have a couple of friends with them. I just can't stray from the Shox, their my all time fav!!!

  2. Oh I've never heard of Shox, I'll have to look them up! And that's good to know that your friends like the Nike Frees, I really want a pair! :)