Friday, November 23, 2012

Buckaroogirl & Buckaroo Barbie's Guide To Packing

Please excuse the mums arm....she was concerned you all were going to see inside our messy closet! hehehehe

What do you always make sure to pack when you go on a trip??

xo xo Liz & Adrian


  1. Haha, I love you two! I am always super paranoid about losing my luggage on a flight. So I don't check anything. Which makes it Horribly hard to decide what to take. Thankfully I don't fly much. Have either of you lost lost your luggage??

  2. hahaha That would make it difficult to choose what to pack! We've had things lost for a week or two when we were living overseas, but have never permanently lost our luggage. I was super nervous this year when we flew to Italy because I had a reata, my chinks, spurs and my rope in my suitcase, but I was fortunate and had no problems :)