Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Little Weekend Cheer

Good morning! I’m so pleased with myself I can hardly stand it. Last night I actually went to bed and fell asleep when I wanted to and as a result, was able to wake up when I wanted! YES! So those of you who have been going to bed earlier and thus waking up earlier, congratulations! I now know how you feel!

Do you have any plans for the weekend? I have an inordinate amount of homework to do today, on account of not having kept up with it as I should have when traveling this last week. I did get a lot of good visiting with family in though, and that’s important to me!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend, that you spend it with people you love and are refreshed and rejuvenated for the coming week. Here are some fun links to make you laugh or ponder:

 I love Tomboy Style. The interviews and quotes are my favorite. 

Crying literal tears from this funny. 

Adrian is back to blogging. She rocks. And makes me think. 

Good Article on dealing with stress. 

Up to 60% at Victoria's Secret.

I have this butcher block. I love it. The end.  

I read this book every winter. You should too.

And I took this video especially for you gals...just so you could laugh! ;)

Tell me what your plans are for this weekend!

xo xo Liz 

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