Thursday, July 19, 2012

Here Comes The Sun

I wrote this last year, but I'm posting it again because personally, I need this reminder. It has just been one of THOSE days. You know, where everything feels wrong, and insecurity follows your every step, frustrating you even more. Days like today make me appreciate the good ones even comes the sun little darlin. 

Remember this day. Etch every detail into the deepest part of your brain, because a time will come that will make you yearn for the warmth of those memories.

Remember the way the sun felt beating down on your head.

Remember how everything you seemed to say made your loved ones laugh with delight.

Remember the way that song moved you, the way it made you feel.

Remember all the details of your horse the last time you turned him out after a day’s work…the heat under your hand as you stood there touching his neck, the warm smell, how you could feel his hide shiver at detaching a fly somewhere on his back end. How his head lowered and his ears flicked back and forth between you and the open gate as you untied his halter.

Remember the headiness you felt as a newly licensed teenager, parking your truck at the gas station and filled with the importance of your own grownup-ness when you bought a soda pop for your drive home from school.

Remember that “good” exhausted feeling from getting all your colts rode, or hay baled or garden weeded or fence built…yes, you are worn out like an old dish rag, but YOU, your MIND, and your BODY accomplished all that. Wow.

Remember the happiness that seemed to swell and fill every pore and burst out of you in ridiculous laughter…

Life is not a continuous upward climb until one day in the far, far future you’ve reached some pinnacle of adulthood and you just coast through life without a care.

Life is a series of hills and valleys…of hard, heart-wrenching, back-breaking work and challenges and easy sailing and joyful moments that fill you with such thankfulness that you could explode. It’s a little give and a little take, a little happy and a little sad…a little hard and a little easy.

There will come a day in the future when you will wonder how you could have ever smiled, and you will think that before your life was filled with smooth seas and ignorance is bliss. Hold the memories of the good times like a talisman to your heart, and let the knowledge that the bad days won’t last forever warm your indifference and renew your spirit.

Let the hard times make you even more thankful for your blessings and remember the good, you extraordinarily tough and beautiful Buckaroo Barbies.

xo xo Liz 

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