Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Big Loops and Bigger Stories

This last weekend was the 13th annual Californios Ranch Roping and Stock Horse Contest and Adrian and I stopped in on our way back home from a show in Winnemucca, NV. Basically, we had a blast and we visited and talked with so many people that we never got a chance to check out the gear on the other side of the arena. We caught up with old friends and made some new ones whose friendship we will treasure for the rest of our lives.

Emily Fuhriman, Tammi Stoddart and Adrian and I had such a blast visiting, catching up and sharing stories that we might have gotten a little loud. OK, really loud….but we were having fun, so sue us!

At one point while visiting with some folks I turned around and fellow bloggers and sisters Kricket and Gussie Kreetch were talking with Adrian. It was awesome to meet their pretty faces for real, after all the talking we’ve done in the cyber world.

We got to meet Drew Mischianti and Natalia Estrada and we are more than excited to head over to Italy this June for their Buckaroo Roundup where Adrian will be performing! WHOOP WHOOP! More on that later…

I’ve been to a couple of Destry Campbell’s cowboy church services in the past and I thought he was an honest man with a heart for God but I’d never had a chance to visit with him. So I was excited when he wrote Adrian on Friday saying that he unexpectedly needed someone to handle the music and could she possibly do it? Since we weren't planning on spending the night our friends were kind and let us crash on their hotel floor which made it kind of cramped because it was already housing Nevada Watt, Hannah Ballantyne, Ceily Highberger and Reata Brannaman. There were two beds, four girls, suitcases beyond count and not much floor room so we crawled under the desk and pretended it was a fort. Thank you so much girls for letting us crash with you! :) 

Destry preached on joy and he and his wife Shirley are lovely people whom Adrian and I would love to get to be around more. I of course cried like I generally do when Adrian sang Amazing Grace, especially when the people attending the service joined in with her.

Oh and I’d like to apologize if you saw me eating lunch on Sunday…they have the best garlic French fries there I’ve ever eaten. Plus that, I was really, really hungry. Talking does that to me.

I can’t wait till next year and I hope that we get to meet more of you.

We’ve got several good rides on our ponies, a load of laundry, one turkey hunt, one rawhide cut up and a BBQ under our belt and only four days left until we leave for Amarillo, Texas. Once there Adrian will be getting on one in a women’s bronc riding and opening for the Josh Abbott band and I will be the one screaming my head off for her in the corner.

Jordan Valley Big Loop is this coming weekend and Adrian has been dying to go but we won’t make it since we’re driving down to Texas. Any of you ladies going to be there?

Adrian, me and Emily having entirely too much fun on Sunday during the Californios.

xo xo Liz 

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  1. Talk about a whirlwind week! Sounds like you were in the company of some awesome ladies! Wish I was going to Amarillo to see you'll perform! However the boy and I are heading to Wyoming for a wedding that weekend or we would have been there!We are making plans to be down Amarillo way in Nov with luck!! Can't wait to read more about your Italian adventure! Take Care!