Monday, April 9, 2012

Things That Just Make You Smile

Heading over to another displaced BB college student’s house and taking an unfinished hackmore to work on while you’re there. You watch as another girl unpacks her book bag and out with the computer comes a bag of rawhide.
Finding an old pair of sunglasses in your mailbox (which does lead you to ask yourself why in the heck you decided to put sunglasses in there in the first place) that fit perfectly under your hat and around your head. Major score.
Getting 2am phone calls from cowboys who may or may not be slightly intoxicated and call you ‘darlin’. It’s kinda of cute. Especially considering the cowboy.
That first sip of the year’s first Arizona iced tea.
Roping the dummy in the back yard.
Signing up for the next semester’s worth of classes. It could feel sad if you let it, but realizing you’re just that much closer to achieving your degree is a great feeling.
Steer head, hide-on earrings. Mooo.
Drinking beer and eating hot wings with delinquent friends who understand the obsessive need to collect more silver and discuss who is with whom in the cowboy world.
Making literally the best spicy pork shoulder you’ve ever eaten. Feel free to perform small, triumphant happy dance right there.
Deciding to just go ahead and keep that hackmore you made and use it yourself dammit.
Scoring an original pair of Cruel Girl’s on Ebay for $15.99….oh yeah baby!
The feeling of the tires hitting the dirt road that takes you back home to the mums and dad and cows and horses and mountains. Contentment and excitement settle in all at once and you smile.

Hope you Dolls had a great Monday! 

xo xo Liz 


  1. Hahaha Love this!!
    Especially can relate to the roping dummy in the back yard. When not in use - ours is chained up with a tree stand lock on the bike rack in front of our apartment!

  2. OH MY GOSH!! That seriously is so awesome! hahahaha I love it! True Buckaroo Barbie style right there, making it work! :)

  3. Hair on earrings??? Where did you get them? I Love big sunglasses! But finding just the right ones to fit under a hat, is not easy! And you Deserve to use something you made, always makes you feel great! Have you ever tried Porketta seasoning? Its an Italian blend, I don't like Pork, but I hear its great stuff! And going home is always an amazing feeling! Thanks for sharing lady!

  4. YES! They are awesome! I can't remember where I got those earrings, I was looking for the store online the other day and I can't find it! If I do I'll let you know! I've never even heard of Porketta! I'll have to look into it. Thanks for the feedback, it means so much that you girls like Buckaroo Barbie :)

  5. Love you blog!! Always good stuff! :)