Sunday, April 8, 2012

Late Night Easter Ramblings

My parents are asleep in the guest bedroom here at A and I’s little blue housie and my excitement about Easter would be overwhelming, but I’ve been excited all day so now I’m tired.

Easter’s been my favorite holiday for as long as I can remember and tomorrow we’re doing the traditional after church lunch here at our house. I’m pretty pumped, to say the least. I have so many great memories of very different Easters down through the years. Lunch at my grandpa’s cabin with enough people milling around you could get lost; mammoth cooking sessions with the mums; beautiful church services filled with songs that made you feel like you were flying; almost grown up Easter egg hunts that turned into something of a war; going with an ex-boyfriend to his grandparents for lunch, who turned out to be my biggest role models in life; roping in the sun; shivering in the rain and sweet tea.

Adrian and I being the big “plan–aheaders” that we are, just returned from the grocery store. Like 5 minutes ago. I prepped the green beans and was going to start in on some other stuff, but apparently our sink decided now would be the perfect time to back up. Interesting.

I hope you all have wonderful Easter’s tomorrow. Or today. Or….I don’t know. I am tired. I know that.
And please eat some peeps for me, because they’re my favorite. And my mums says they have too much sugar so that’s a tradition she’s gonna break. I may or may not sneak out and buy them when they go on sale. Stay tuned.

xo xo Liz 

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