Wednesday, April 25, 2012


Dogs under foot and Juice Newton singing “Rodeo Girl” from the sister’s laptop.

Platters of tri-tip, bowls of onions and baskets of fresh bread prepared and served with love.

Hands joined around a table that’s been in the family for generations, father’s voice asking for blessings upon this house and family.

Successes and failures from the day discussed equally and advice sought from parents who are also friends.

Plans for attending certain upcoming summer rodeos quietly being hatched in hallway corners and discovering fresh laundry stacked on the bedroom chair.

Game of “pig” around the roping dummy after dinner and, “will you help me run the bucking machine just one more time?”

It’s knowing where the turkey’s will be first thing in the morning and listening to the frogs at night.

A few hours spent with the neighbor’s two year old and realizing that they are raising a man, not a baby.

Dogs underfoot, guitars playing and voices raised to the heaven above. Birthday parties being planned and rawhide being braided and pictures being drawn and hair being braided and please take my life as a living prayer.

xo xo Liz


  1. Such a pretty little post. You have a way with words!

  2. Thank you so much Elizabeth! We are just having so much fun at's been one of those really, really good visits.

  3. I love your comment, "take my life as a prayer" ... I often think this ... as each day unfolds and blessings beyond what I deserve are in front of me ... I think, "Lord, please know I am in a constant prayer of sincere gratitude" ... for what I have and how very good God is.