Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Too Cool for Highschool

The window was sticky and didn’t slide easily, but the girl managed to pry it up and pushed the screen out. It was winter and the cold air pouring into the room hit her beer-riddled brain with a refreshing BAM!! She giggled….she was so funny she made herself laugh, but back to the task at hand, she had to get out of the room quickly and into the bedroll in the back of her truck. Sleep. Just sleep please.

Climbing out the window, the toe of the one boot she was wearing hooked on the sill and she almost ate it. There. Frozen ground under one socked foot finally and out of the little house. She could hear the rest of the rowdy people getting rowdier from the front of the house and she started to run clutching her one boot and coat, laughing, running faster.…and as she rounded the corner of the little building with speed she fell with enough force that for a few minutes she wasn’t able to get up.

At a rodeo a few weeks later, an old cowboy asked why she was limping.
“I sprained my ankle.”
“How’d you do that?”

Laughing she replied, “Cowboy shit.”

Adapted slightly from a true story told to me by a Buckaroo Barbie

xo xo Liz  


  1. ;) Too funny for words because I got to see said person limping around for a while hehehehe