Friday, March 16, 2012

Set Fire to the Rain

I’m sitting here at the desk in my bedroom with the window cracked just a tad, listening to the rain come down. I think it’s a beautiful sound most of the time, but it’s especially musical today because we need the rain here in California so badly. Come on grass! Grow for the poor cows and just a little extra for my garden please!

If you have been following BB for a while now, you probably know that my sister and I currently live in town and attend college. Last night as I was falling asleep I was thinking about how much my life has changed since I quit playing cowboy for my paycheck and embarked on this new adventure.

When I was cowboying I always spent a little extra and bought flowers for my house, whether I was living in the camp trailer 90 miles from town, the little wooden house in Clover Valley or the big freezing cold brick house I lived in when I was in Tuscarora. I desperately wanted a garden during this time, but I literally didn’t have the time to plant one and if I had actually been able to start one, I wouldn’t have had the energy to take care of it! So I made do with flowers from the grocery store and dreamed of one day seeding potatoes and eating salad made from my own lettuce and kale.
Here in town though, I have a garden! WHOOP WHOOP! And roses and irises and hydrangeas and lilies and a whole bunch of other flowers that I don’t the names of, but are terribly pretty. I also have a yard with green grass, which took some getting used to when we first moved in because I definitely wasn’t in the habit of watering the sagebrush in front of my house in Nevada.

When I was cowboying, a couple times a week I would muster some energy and go for a run. Down the long dirt road….and back up again. Or if it was dark when I got home from work, and it frequently was, I would pop a workout DVD in my little 13-inch T.V. and get after it! It always seemed though that the day after an especially hard workout and my muscles were screaming and shaking for mercy, that we would spend all day loading and unloading panels. Weird.
Living in town now, Adrian and I are members of a gym. And not just any gym. This gym is 5 acres of amazing-ness designed to help you whip yourself into the best shape possible. So now I run inside, or swim in a heated pool in March at 9pm if I like or lift weights next to strangely and freakishly muscular men.

The crazy part is, that I love this time of my life right now!
We go through different periods and seasons in our lives, sometimes kicking and screaming like I did on the transition from full time cowboy-girl to BB college girl. But I decided last night as I was looking back on the timeline of my life so far, I wouldn’t change it for the world. God has a plan and I can’t wait to see what happens.

xo xo Liz  


  1. Way to embrace your position in life! I am glad you are back to posting more. It has been a sorely missed bright spot.

  2. Thank you so much! That made my day :)

  3. Um transition... Yes! I've been going through that for the last few years. It all began when my 4 years of college rodeo were up, then when I destroyed my knee and the journey of getting it fixed. Now I am working in a stuffy office with a wretched, bitter little man for a boss and I have been on a horse about 3 times in the last couple months! And I live in town! A very tiny, historical, mission town but nonetheless I am curbed on all sides. Ahh! What happened to me, I need to buy a colt and go ride - and shoot my gun more, and be outside far away from it all. Change is good for many reasons, I made it through the tough times, got health insurance, and praise be that I can pay the bills! Stepping away from myself, or the things that make me "Me" was hard and scary and not much fun - that is the real world. I'm grateful for what I have, but now I'm on a journey back to where I can do some of the things I love - developing a horse or two of my own, shooting way too many rounds of ammo, hunting (small medium and large size animals. Ok anything that wiggles), driving my truck (not my silly, suicidal, sardine can of a car, that gets great gas mileage but is terrifyingly small), being outside, my freedom. The simple things I was used to like dirt, a sweaty hat band from from my favorite lid, the sky, quiet, and of course the satisfaction of a colt's progress on a cow etc. and so on and so forth.